The 7th of December, Pavel Zhuravlev’s opponent for the title match at the beginning of the 2020, will be determined!

The 7th of December, Pavel Zhuravlev’s opponent for the title match at the beginning of the 2020, will be determined!

Four tough heavyweights gathered as part of the FEA WORLD GP. In the first semi-final, the representative of Serbia, Mihajlo Kecojevich, will encounter the fighter from Kazakhstan, Akbar Tairov. In the second semi-final, the Albanian athlete,  Luigi Gashi will enter the ring against the Russian representative,  Nadir Gadjiev.

All four fighters are unpredictable, everyone has his own tactic and all of them will give their 100 % to conquer the cup.

Some stats about the fighters. The first semifinal.

Mihajlo Kecojevich is already familiar to Chisinau’s audience. At the last tournament in Chisinau  he knocked out Maxim Bolotov with a short blow to the chin, moreover, afterwards he went ahead and had a couple more victorious fights. He is 24 years old, won 17 fights and lost 7. Has a height of 198cm and weighs 100kg.

Akbar Tairov is a fighter from Kazakhstan who practices MMA fighting too.  He works very well standing up, and knows how to keep the distance. His height is 196cm, weight - 105kg, and he is 24 years old. On his record there are 6 kickboxing wins without defeats. Additionally, he is the owner of many titles.

The second semifinal.  Gadjiev against Gashi. Nadir Gadjiev needs no introduction. He won many trophies in other promotions and decided that it was time to challenge Zhuravlev (in case of winning the Grand Prix). He represents Russia and in the professional ring he attained 9 wins and 1 loss. He is right-handed, has a height of 193cm, his weight is exactly 100kg and he is 34 years old.

Luigi Gashi is a fighter from Albania who is somewhat a dark horse. His main style is Muay Thai, but has some decent boxing skills as well. His record consists of 13 wins 3 defeat; he is 23 years old, has a height of 198cm and weighs 115kg.

All four contenders represent a great stumbling block for each other, which can only be passed through battle. And only one of them, to be precise, the winner, will dare Pavel Zhuravlev at a fight for the FEA absolute heavyweight title.

Attention new venue, Futsal Arena, Ciorescu!!!

Online tickets at and  Infoline 079406906.

Tickets are also available at the box office of the National Opera and Ballet Theater. Everyone  abroad will be able to watch the live tournament at!!!

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