December the 7th, Ciorescu Futsal Arena, this year's final FEA Kickboxing tournament, an unforgettable evening.

Финальная четвёрка в категории до 65 кг где встретиться молодые перспективные бойцы


"December the 7th, Ciorescu Futsal Arena, this year's final FEA Kickboxing tournament, an unforgettable evening.The Final Four in the up to 65 kg category, which will assemble young and gifted fighters such as Marin Vetrila, from Moldova, vs. Pavelko from Ukraine. We saw Pavelko at the tournament in Odessa on August the 24th, where he showcased an extremely superior fight.

Vetrila is by now a familiar fighter within our project. Both fighters are very young, they are under 20.

The second semi-final, the already renowned Simon Santana, an experienced fighter with a worldwide fame. His rival is also a very famous and experienced fighter from Romania, Spetcu. I think that in this 4 man Grand Pix final, the youth will battle against the experience.

Therefore it’s exciting for everyone to see who will get the upper hand. And the winner of this pyramid has the right to challenge the undefeated champion Stanislav Renita in 2020. So Stas, get ready". - said FEA president Dorin Damir. 

"My team and I work every day in the gym, dripping sweat and blood. I know that it will be a difficult Grand Pix, but I seriously intend to win it. I know that it will grant me the championship fight.

I do not look for who of them is the most dangerous. I think they’re all good opponents.The most serious adversary though is me. Because I am my worst enemy and best friend.

It doesn’t matter how many rounds there will be, I won’t hope for a knockout. I will work and invest myself in every single round and the victory will be by my side.

I watched his fight. He fought against Likhtorovich from Belarus. He showed a good fight in there. Bold guy, moves forward, but I will test his character in the battle with me.

It’s impossible otherwise, if you think you will lose or win, then you can’t enter the ring with this attitude. It is necessary to go in and hope only for the victory.

Yes, they are both experienced, both fought a lot. I have only one plan, go in and beat them. One way or another, I will be the winner of this Final four.

I am confident of my abilities, all of my idols that I followed, at the age of 20 paved their road. I want this as well, to create my own path, become famous, make my way to a better life.

For now, I plan to get the belt, afterwards we'll see. I want to say thank you to my whole team, because we work every day. And all the results, all the merits are not mine only, these are the results of the entire team.

I want to invite everyone the 7th of December at Ciorescu, Futsal Arena, where very spectacular, very interesting, exciting fights will take place. Therefore, don’t miss it. If you can’t come, watch it online at". - stated Marin Vetrila

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