We don’t count on a KO, we anticipate a hard fight and, with God's help, we’ll win.

Victor Apostol - Eu mă pregătesc întodeauna de luptă de 4 runde, chiar și 5, întodeaună merg și în cap se învârte centura.


"We will see by now famous fighters, such as Victor Apostol, Artur Brinza. Their opponents are from Poland Well known and well trained fighters "- stated FEA President, Dorin Damir.


"Yes, the opponent is pretty good. We’re preparing particularly for him, with the coach. We’ve studied his bouts and we will display a spectacular fight.Yes, of course, we correct some mistakes from past battles, and we try not to repeat them in the following fights. 

We don’t count on a KO, we anticipate a hard fight and, with God's help, we’ll win. I always focus and get ready for a tough fight. I constantly train for 4 rounds, even 5 rounds, I always go in and the belt is running through my mind.

Where you have to work 5 rounds. I want to thank Mr. Nicanor Trocin from the bottom of my heart. For being by my side and preparing me physically and morally. I want to express my gratitude  to Sergiu Mîță and Sanduța Mihail.

And last but not least, I am grateful to Mr Damir, for giving me a chance and offering us, in the future, development within FEA Kickboxing.
I invite all the supporters and kickboxing fans on December the 7th, at Futsal, Ciorescu, there will be incendiary fights. Who doesn’t have the chance, or those from abroad, watch "- said Victor Apostol.


"Yes, truly, Victor is expecting a pretty serious, imposing fight.Victor's character and his perseverance, which he demonstrates during training and preparation, I think it will manifest in the most positive form at this competition.

And obviously, you’re fighting at your best form and, as I said, I hope it will all be alright on December the 7th. I invite all of our supporters to join us on December the 7th, Ciorescu Futsal Arena. Our supporters, who aren’t able to be with us there, watch"

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